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Regulations for conferencing:
  • The number of attendees may not be more than 50 people. 

  • Tables will be spaced out to adhere to social distancing of 1-2 metres.

  • Full details and screening questionnaire forms of all attendees per conference will be kept daily. 

  • Screening stations will be setup at each entrance.

  • Face masks will be worn at all times. 

  • Employees and delegates will frequently sanitize before entry and at regular intervals.

  • Only individual water and individual mints condiments will be provided.  

  • All non-essential and high touch-point objects have been removed and equipment such as microphones and podiums will be sanitized after use by every person.

  • A seat will be designated per delegate.

For more information contact Llewellyn du Plessis on or on 083 380 7261

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